Monday, September 16, 2013

New Provisions for Romanian Short-stay Visa

The newly published government decision no. 530/2013 introduces a set of provisions related to procedures required to obtain a short-stay visa for specific business purposes. Facilities are granted to certain categories of foreigners who are considering carrying out activities in Romania. The foreign citizens who are included in this particular group targeted by the listed-above provisions will have the right of entry and residence for the territory of Romania, through the mechanism of short-stay visas with multiple entries. Statements taken into account for this government decision indicate that beneficiaries of this visa will be foreigners who are considering carrying out activities "on offshore installations located in waters of exclusive economic zone of the Romanian state ". This visa is to be granted for a period of less than five years taking into account stays up to 90 days (on a course of 180 days). Documents required for issuing this type of short-stay visa include: a travel ticket indicating the final destination; drivers are required to have the green card, driver's license and car ownership papers. Health insurance is required as well. There must be also a document that is able to illustrate the purpose of the stay indicating activities that will be carried out. There are as well necessary financial documents sustaining the guarantees for budgeting accommodation and all other involved expenditures.

The Romanian or foreign legal entity which is responsible for hiring the foreign citizen must provide all needed documentation proving the main purpose of this stay and it is also important to guarantee that, in the event of exceeding the visa validity terms, it must agree to assume financial responsibility for contingent expenses. These newly introduced provisions are to be understood in the context provided by all other previously established regulations regarding the visa regime in Romania. Our lawyers are able to provide the necessary assistance to clarify some details about formalities required for obtaining this type of short-stay visa. We are also interested in proposing a number of alternatives that might prove favorable for our client's interests.

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