Friday, November 1, 2013

Building regulations in Romania

According to building regulations in Romania a set of bureaucratic criteria must be met in order to initiate any project in this area. An important and highly useful document required under these circumstances is the urbanism certificate. This paper delivers several quintessential technicalities related to utilities, access, and vicinity of the land. This document also contains details concerning the accepted construction height, numbers defining the land use and land occupations. Its main purpose is to provide information regarding the legal, economic and specialized terms defining the optimal conditions for initiating any building procedure. Through this paper, the competent authorities come to deliver to any suppliant decisive features regarding the land, proximity and other aspects that might influence the construction itself. The urbanism certificate in Romania is offered through a corresponding bureau of the department of urbanism in the city hall where the structure is to be built. In order to request this certificate the suppliant needs to submit a dossier to the city hall in question containing the title deeds, cadastral maps, a standard application form and the proof for payment. Sometimes an architectural brief is required but this usually depends on other parameters. The urbanism certificate does not allow the initiation of the project. In order to start building, the suppliant needs to obtain the building permit.

Building Permit in Romania

This is a more specific document which is provided by the local authorities illustrating the conformity status of the project proposed, from technical and the legal point of view. This paper allows the beginning of the project itself as it offers the general features that secure the structure as designed. The building permit in Romania is valid for 12 month which indicates that the owner of the project is to start building within this specific period of time. In order to obtain such a paper a file has to be submitted containing the following documents: the certificate of urbanism, the title deed or any evidence of it, a technical project illustrating the structure itself, neighbors’ approval, proof for taxes which are required to be paid, any relevant studies which are usually imposed through the certificate of urbanism. Depending on the project, there might be necessary some extra documents. Suppliants must keep in mind that the difficulty of any project might bring also the requirements of more specific utility. It is highly important to understand that besides these two documents the owner of the project has other bureaucratic obligations as well. The certificate of urbanism and the building permit are one of the most stringent but other technical papers are required also. Another strongly significant detail emphasizing the dynamic character of the bureaucratic environment clearly indicates that all features related to documents might be modified for future references. As the real estate market continuously evolves implying more and more elaborate approaches we point out the importance of securing any project with a solid expert opinion. Evaluating any project of this kind right from the start guarantees continuity and financial protection.

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