Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Italy is an important destination for foreign investors who want to develop a business in manufacturing, agriculture and tourism, some of the most attractive economy fields in this country, well-known for its great potential and the incentives offered by the authorities for performing exports.

Foreign investors can benefit of investment loans at a reduced interest rate and deductions from taxable income granted for those who have a big amount as investment capital, more then it’s required by law.

When an entrepreneur thinks of opening a company in Italy, firstly he has to decide what type of firm is more appropriate for his goal.

The main types of companies an entrepreneur can set up in Italy are the following:

- limited liability company (Societa a Responsabilita Limitata) is recommended for investors who are interested in small and medium businesses and don’t want to invest a big amount for share capital. They need to deposit minimum 10,000 EUR for the share capital;
- joint stock company (Societa per Azioni) is suitable for important business and investment and it’s required a minimum 120,000 EUR share capital. At the registration of the joint stock company, it’s necessary to pay 30,000 EUR, if the firm has two or many share holders, and the total amount in case there is only one shareholder.
- general partnership is formed of two or many entities and for this type of firm no minimum share is mandatory. All the members of the partnership have full liability and they do business on behalf of the same company.
- Limited partnership is similar to general partnership, but in this case at least one of the members should have limited liability and other one is general, with full liability.
- Partnership limited by shares is a firm in which there are at least two partners and one of them will have limited liability and another one is a general member. The partners have no minimum capital share to pay at the registration of the new company.

If you need more information about registration of a company in Italy and assistance throughout the whole procedure of setting up a firm, you can contact our local specialists in company formation

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