Thursday, July 3, 2014

What are the main types of companies you can set up in Italy

A foreign investor interested in doing business in Italy may choose from a large variety of companies’ types the one that suits best its interests and goals. If you don’t know what type is more appropriate for your business, you may contact our Italian lawyers who will offer you tailored solutions and then they will help you register the new company and start doing business.
The main types of companies you can set up in Italy are:
- SRL – “Societa a responsabilita limitata” or limited liability company, the most common type of company, is chosen by the most foreign and local entrepreneurs who intend to run a small or medium business in Italy. The shares in this type of company cannot be bought freely by the public. Anyone who wants to open a limited liability company in Italy is required to pay a minimum capital share of 10,000 EUR.
- SpA – Societa per azioni or joint stock company is generally chosen by investors who want to run large businesses. Every shareholder is liable for the company debts depending on the amount paid for his shares. All the shares are registered with the Stock Exchange and can be bought by the public. For opening a joint stock company, you will need at least 120,000 EUR for the capital share.
- general partnership – is formed by an association of persons interested in running a certain business. This type of company has legal personality and all the partners are liable for the debts of the company. At the registration, every partner may bring his contribution in cash or goods, such as properties.
- limited liability partnership – can be set up by one or more persons, but one of them is the general partner, with unlimited liabilities, and the others are limited partners, with liabilities limited to their contribution at the company’s capital.
For opening a company in Italy you don’t have to go in person to this country for the registration procedure if you don’t want or you don’t have time. You may give the power of attorney to one of our lawyers who will handle the entire procedure of company registration.  


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