Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dental tourism in Romania

I heard a lot about dental tourism in Romania, but I’d like to know more about it. What is dental tourism?

           Dental tourism is a relatively new medical industry, a type of tourism that sums up to foreign citizens that require a certain kind of dental treatment which, for various reasons, they can’t get in their country of origins, thus they travel to another country in order to get the treatment in a different healthcare system.
           Above the reasons that prevent people to get the appropriate treatment in their own country are as follows:  the treatment is too expensive in their country, the treatment requires a higher level of expertise that can’t be found in their country etc.

Why should I choose Romania to get my medical treatment?

            According to numerous studies and experts, the dental system in Romania is strongly supported by numerous factors that make Romania one of the greatest countries in terms of dental tourism.
            One of the first arguments to consider in the process of choosing the appropriate country for your treatment is that the private clinics in Romania can offer the same high quality level of dental treatment that can be found in the Western Europe countries and even U.S. or Canada, but for only a fraction of their cost. Romania offers great costs packages.
            A second factor to take into consideration is the wide range of dental treatments and procedures, executed by experienced and well trained doctors, with the latest medical equipment.
            Romania presents foreign citizens with great accommodation offers, thus making travelling to Romania for medical treatment more affordable than the costs of the medical treatment in other countries alone.

How does the whole dental tourism system work in Romania and what are dental tourism agencies exactly?

            Dental tourism agencies are travel agencies specialized in dental tourism that collaborate through contracts with various dental clinics and present foreign citizens in search of dental treatments in our country with the best medical and accommodation offers.
            The travel agency usually requires a commission that is given by the dental clinic from the patient’s dental treatment plan. Neither the patient nor the dental clinic has to bear any additional costs.
            In Romania, the dental tourism is a rising market and more and more foreign citizens from all over the world seek dental treatment for all the reasons mentioned above. Thus opening up a dental tourism agency is an appropriate and great investment opportunity in Romania.
            For more information on how to open a travel agency, please feel free to consult our website and contact our specialized team on the subject.

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