Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Internet legislation in Romania

The intellectual property and technology laws are very important and companies activating in the online environment should pay attention to these in order to fall under the regulations of internet legislation in Romania. A law firm, such as Darie, Manea and Associates could provide the approach needed for integrated, commercially and interdisciplinary focused assistance for consultants, retailers, manufacturers, traders, brokers, research and development divisions or solution and service providers in the IT sector, as well as other companies activating in the online environment. There are more areas of the law that regulate the internet environment, having various principles related to commerce, development or research.
Internet law includes freedom of the parties, data protection, consumer products or services, marketing, trade secrets, patent, copyright, industrial and intellectual property and national and international jurisprudence, taxations or corporate and commercial matters. Our lawyers are experienced in all these areas and can provide you clear and personalized commercial advice, as we can provide advice for technology-based companies, online transactions and other consultancy services: computer science and IT, tech services and products, manufacturing telecommunication equipments, infrastructure and software for games or international technology producers.
We are able to handle all legal aspects for your company in order for you to be safe and in accordance to the internet legislation in Romania. Moreover, we can handle unfair competition matters, technology transfer agreements, arbitration and disputes, obligations, rights, negotiations, license agreements, sale or resale of software and hardware, public contract acquisitions or even international taxation and data protection matters.
For any relates issues to internet legislation, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers from Darie, Manea and Associates. We offer free consultation and we can advise you in all matters related to internet law and regulations.

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