Friday, October 18, 2013

Requirements for marriage in Romania

For foreigners who want to get married in Romania there is a set of documents that must be prepared in order to initiate the specific procedures. As expected the file must contain a birth certificate which is translated in Romanian and legalized by a professional notary. There should be added a certificate of celibacy which is normally issued by the authority representing the state of origin of the individual in question. The document may be provided by an office in the country of origin or the corresponding embassy in Romania. For persons who have been married before, there is mandatory to add also an affidavit proving that the other marriage is no longer valid. Requirements for marriage in Romania also impose the presence of an authorized interpreter if it is strictly necessary, according to legal provisions. The country of origin, through the related authorities, must provide a certificate stating that the individual meets all demands imposed by his/her national laws regarding all conditions obligatory for getting married.  Both parts must add to the file a medical certificate, valid for 14 days, proving optimal health conditions. There is also necessary a specific document called declaration of marriage which is a standard paper available at the Register Office.

Romanian residence permit

It is highly important to take into consideration the option to request a Romanian residence permit if deciding to join your spouse in Romania. Legal provisions are constantly changing so that is why we emphasize the importance of an expert’s help. Even if all procedures might seem approachable we insist on the necessity of fully understanding the extensiveness of the bureaucratic approach. The dossier requested to obtain the residence permit shall be provided to the Romanian Immigration Department. Even if the individual already owns a Romanian residence permit, he/she should send a copy of the marriage certificate to the Romanian Immigration Department. The older permit can be kept. If the residency right is very close to the expiration date, a dossier must be submitted to the above mentioned bureau. Documents to be added to the dossier may vary so it is important to check the complete required list. It may take up to 90 days until obtaining the residence permit. There is also a set of evident restraints for performing a marriage in Romania. Here are included individuals who are already married; those who are related, individuals not having the minimum age indicated by Romanian law. There are also some specific situations that might occur and, in this case, we strongly recommend expert counseling. A lawyer may provide a clear overview of all requirements for marriage in Romania. A professional attorney can point out some important details which can be ignored under certain circumstances. There is also an important difference between desiderata for EU citizens and non-EU citizens. As mentioned above the presence of an authorized legal expert becomes mandatory and it saves some valuable time.

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