Saturday, March 15, 2014

Contributions to the Environment Fund in Romania

Certain types of business activities come with specific obligations concerning taxes to be paid to the Environment Fund understood as financial contributions able to cover a series of eco-friendly policies. According to Order No. 192/2014 which was published in the Official Gazette on 21st of February, 2014, details concern explicit practices used for determining contributions according to industries involved. These newly introduced regulations are of great interest for three main areas related to oils, packaging waste and used car tires policies. Contributions to the Environment Fund in Romania regarding oil control procedures refer to taxes imposed to operators coming with this type of products on our market. This tax must be specified on all invoices proving the commercial activity. The 0.3 RON/kg contributions involve oils of synthetic or semi-synthetic provenience and also adjacent substances having or not having additional elements. The packaging domain is mentioned with regard to operators whose activity involves reusable packaging. They have to take into account the deposit system and also stipulate the real packaging value in all accounting logs. Procedures described offer necessary information concerning packaging waste management understood in terms of recycling norms. Used tires management provides important features indicating the appropriate recycling means adapted to eco-friendly strategies. Details mentioned concern as well important features referring to other substances introduced on the market and being labeled as dangerous. The sale of wood and other implicit materials is also nominated with a contribution of 2%. Hunting funds are as well included with a 3% payment. Another area which is referred to through this newly published order concern the failure of administrative units to register a 15% decrease in terms of waste disposed. The sale of various products such as metallic waste involves a 3% contribution. 

These changes come to amend the Order no. 578/2006 and they provide an effective framework able to handle matters concerning regulations of contribution through taxes which are to be paid to the Environment Fund. Understanding the obligations of each industry area, concerning these taxes, relate to an optimal function of the business itself. The statements which are to be submitted regarding the Environment Fund contributions are subject to constant changes imposing a regular monitoring of novelties in the legal field. Our team is able to provide counseling in this domain, pointing out as well other financial duties that are to be met under Romanian regulations. The lawyers in our office will deliver a complete report evaluating your business approach and conceived as a valid tool for adapting to our local taxes apparatus.

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