Monday, March 17, 2014

Investments in the Romanian Pharmaceutical Industry

Investments in the pharmaceutical industry are generally intricate and exhaustive processes, especially when referring to the legal background which must advocate for the overall approach. This particular sector requires a much more fastidious business development plan since this specific field comes with various risks in the financial area and as well with vast implications in the health care industry. As a foreign investor in Romania it becomes highly important to benefit from best legal counseling as laws are continuously modified. These changes are explained through multiple means, either understood in the European context or interpreted as a needed improvement, able to adapt the national climate to international standards. Most important steps in approaching a solid investment in the pharmaceutical industry in Romania concern the practical due diligence audit and the conversion of local opportunities in real profits. Evaluating opportunities on certain niches always involves an expert’s opinion which points out, in an accurate manner, all gains and losses. Despite the troublesome experience of the claw-back tax evolution, the pharma sector in Romania provides several advantages that deserve to be nominated. An extended perspective indicates that during a harsh period as that covering the interval from 2005 to 2012, the market essentially doubled and an estimated 5% growth is expected for each of the following years. Analysts’ forecasts indicate that Romania has real chances of becoming a highly important and as well influential market for the Central and Eastern Europe area. Even if the current dynamics seems to put pressure on most active participants, constant solutions are identified and professionally approached. Important companies such as Pfizer, Sanofi or Hoffman La Roche focus on strong strategies able to compensate the bureaucratic barriers and an ineffective law apparatus. 

Apart from the specific measures which are to be taken into consideration, the national authorities frequently declared their support for the generic medicine industry. Understanding the high level of qualification as a particular trait for this industry is quintessential. There are certain types of drugs which specifically increased profits on specific sectors. Here are mentioned substances related to muscle or bone disorders, cardiovascular diseases, metabolism and the digestive system. Accurately analyzing the market and identifying possible areas for investments in the pharmaceutical industry calls for a complex evaluation as it requires the close monitoring of a domain which is always changing and continuously imposing new regulations. We shall provide all necessary documentation required by such an instance explaining the functions of the licenses, IP laws to be considered when introducing new products on the market, legal features related to general company formation aspects and specific matters related to regulatory compliance. Our team delivers alternatives by identifying most appropriate strategies adjusted for investors’ intentions, market’s tendencies and trends and active competition.

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