Friday, August 30, 2013

De minimis Aid for SME’s in Romania

De minimis aid is a state aid proposed as a method of encouraging micro, small and medium sized enterprises and it takes the form of grants provided after a series of eligibility verifications. Road transportation companies are provided with financial aids of up to 100 000 EUR. All other business units are to benefit from finances reaching up to 200 000 EUR. There are also some specific domains considered as exceptions that we will indicate below. Among the exempted categories we mention the companies related to areas that involve activities in the coal sector, acquisition of vehicles used for transport of goods by companies providing services in this department, fishing and aquaculture, some activities directly related to export, the primary production, processing and commercializing of agricultural products. The obvious goal of granting the de minimis aids for SME’s is closely linked to the need for maintaining a strong policy of encouraging economic agents and the importance of compliance with the overall European economic climate.

Probably the most common condition that plays a highly important role in projects of this type is to guarantee the improvement of the employment sector. Thus the system provides a number of constants that require the creation of certain number of jobs up until the completion of the investment and also to introduce new employment opportunities during a three-year period after the completion of the investment. Guarantees must offer at least five positions and two of them must be provided to people who had no labor contract in the last three months , for the case you wish to obtain an aid of up to 100 000 EUR. To be offered a financial support between 100 000 EUR and 200 000 EUR, the candidate must guarantee with seven reliable positions. At least three of these must be occupied by individuals who do not have a labor contract registered during the last three months.

De minimis aid scheme in Romania – documents needed

Procedures to be followed to accomplish the de minimis aid scheme indicate several requirements. First, it is recommended to write an application form that will be submitted to the Ministry of Finance. This paper will also be accompanied by a portfolio of documents which should include: the investment plan that specifies the eligible expenditure, a valid economic analysis that proves the lastingness of the project for the next three years from the completion of the investment, guarantees concerning the employment opportunities provided by the business entity.

De minimis aid for SME’s financing – legal support

Implementation plans designed to obtain de minimis aid for SME’s financing may encounter a number of barriers that can determine a multitude of effects which might expose the investment in a more or less maleficent way. In this regard, it is recommended to seek for an expert’s help that can draw attention to specific issues describing an abnormal and not gainful business development. Our law office guarantees to secure such investments by providing legal support and also a transparent approach emphasizing the key aspects that characterize all legal procedures imposed under these circumstances.

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