Thursday, August 15, 2013

Energy Performance Certificates for Buildings in Romania

The energy performance certificate is a document that proves the energy efficiency of a building, once released it is valid for ten years except for situations when the building for which it was issued is going through a series of renovations that alters significantly the values for the energy consumption. Such buildings are subjects to evaluations determining specific rates on a scale from 1 to 100 indicating a higher value for situations when the energy efficiency is at a superior level. Another building energy rating will also be taken into consideration, thus separating edifices in seven classes from A to G, where A is a parameter indicating the most energy efficient (125 kWh / sqm / year) and the G targeting the least energy efficient items (820 kWh / sqm / year).

Buildings considered for evaluation

This document is required for certain categories of buildings such as: block of flats, family apartments buildings, residential units, building of institutions, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, including also all wings which are owned or managed by public authorities. Among the categories of spaces that do not require the existence of such a document we mention the protected monuments, places of worship, all temporary structures (which are to be used for no more than two years), independent properties which occupy a space less than 50 square meters.

Issuance of this certificate is possible after an assessment, called energy audit and is completed by an authorized person. The energy auditor is the person authorized by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration to perform this type of inspection. Such assessments become mandatory starting with July 19, 2013 when it was decided to approach this matter as part of a set of policies introducing new standards in terms of energy consumption. This document is needed for concluding sale purchase and lease agreements. The absence of this type of documents may result into more serious sanctions that are established by the law. The owner of the building must register with the appropriate tax authority a copy of this document in order to be able to register the sale purchase or lease agreement.

Documents required

It is important to note that when advertising homes for sale or lease the owner should specify certain facts related to the energy certificate. Those requesting such an evaluation may contact an energy audit and also provide him with the building plans and as well some details about the changes that have occurred in the structure of the building. The file which must be submitted in order to obtain this certificate must include architectural plans, invoices illustrating the hot and cold water consumption, fuel used for the autonomous system for heating and also a comprehensive plan indicating the building in the area where is located. The costs of such assessments will vary depending on the activity and time spent for the entire process, the developed built area always considering the coefficients of localization. Authorized personnel will manage this process after which the certificate will be issued and the State Construction Inspectorate will be responsible for supervising and controlling all documents related to application of the legal provisions on buildings’ energy performance.

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