Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to Start a Recruitment Agency in Romania

This process obviously requires the completion of a multi-step process in order to ensure that all legal conditions are being met. There are a number of matters to be taken into account regarding the optimal development of a strategy to cover all the details of setting up a recruitment agency and running the business appropriately. The company itself will be registered with the Trade Register CAEN code 7820 covering temporary staffing activity or CAEN code 7810 representing  job recruitment agencies operations. The essential legal characteristics that define most important aspects related to establishing of a recruitment company are developed and explained in HG No. 277/2002 (amended by the H.G.790/2004). The certificate for employment intermediaries is provided only if certain criteria are being met; main activities must operate within the law, there must be a solid background to sustain these activities, staff must exceed a certain percentage concerning specific education fields, they must be able to provide factual information related to labor market supply and demand.

Specific facilities required for setting up a recruitment agency

Its financial resources must be able to guarantee that there are clear means intended for self-assessment and also for offering suggestions about professional guidance. There must be a clear proof of the ability to provide and verify skills tests and also to conduct skill development training programs for all those interested in finding a job. It also undertakes to provide counseling related to appropriate techniques used to identify a job and the main strategies on how to appropriately approach the interview. Another aspect that must be taken into account refers to having all possible means of delivering, through on-line platforms, all required information on labor market connecting in this manner the supply and demand parties.

Terms related to personnel

Personnel employed in the agency must meet a number of criteria that relate to training and qualifications. Thus the percentage of employees in such an institution must reach at least 30% in terms of completion of higher education in the fields of teaching, law, psychology and counseling. Another 25% minimum percentage must guarantee the number of employees who have at least a three years experience in the field that is specified in the document requesting certification.

Documents to be submitted in order to complete the process through which the certificate is requested include papers needed for registration, the articles of incorporation, documents that prove eligibility, proof of payment for accreditation fee. If the agency in question covers recruitment for work abroad it must prove the existence of a resourceful database that has information about abroad labor market supply and demand. There must be also a proof of the existence of solid contracts signed with natural or legal persons or other foreign organizations able to intermediate the employment processes of Romanian citizens abroad. We recommend consulting a legal expert able to explain every detail common for procedures of setting up such an agency. The legal framework can often raise a number of questions that can rapidly receive an answer through professional help; our lawfirm provides all necessary details related to this topic offering also approaches to better strategies. 

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