Friday, January 10, 2014

Best investing ideas for 2014 – organic farming in Romania

The ecological agriculture concepts strongly evolved in the past 20 years providing countless business opportunities and ensuring strong financial confidence in areas such as Romania, which is still discovering the economic potential

Being constantly engaged in identifying most effective solutions for our clients interested in lucrative investment opportunities, we managed to establish several distinct areas that are able to come with a solid guarantee in matters of financial security. Our purpose was as well to focus on domains that deliver trustworthy answers regarding new technology and current status of environmental policies. Since Romania is a territory which progressively brings to light its unexplored potential, everything came naturally offering multiple segments where new economic trends had the chance to stand out. Ecology occupied a large sector during the last several decades introducing challenging issues and drawing attention to options that were apparently ignored from various reasons.

Strong grounds to invest in Romanian ecological farming

In Romania, the ecological conscience developed under the influence of international tendencies or driven by uncountable opportunities that surprisingly distinguished themselves when establishing a fluent approach for ecological entrepreneurship. One of the most dynamic fields and easy to be rehabilitated can be considered the agriculture area because, under the communist regime, this represented a highly developed industry and due to the fact that different soils in here can be used for a large variety of crops. Organic farming in Romania significantly developed as a result of the introduction of financial supports provided to farmers who were encouraged to adopt the ecological agriculture principles starting with 2010. The local market modified preferences as well understanding the significance of the bio products. Still, the most important feedback comes from the international markets which were gradually introduced to Romanian organic products brands.

Our strategy to help you in developing your business

The decision to invest in Romanian ecological farming is also supported by the EU objective to pump up 200-million EUR funds for the next seven years. Government intends to adjust a set of fiscal maneuvers to sustain the overall approach.  There are 400,000 hectares which were authorized for organic farming in Romania and more than 80% of all products are merchandised abroad. Initiating procedures to start a business in this area might seem a little bit too elaborate and that is why our team designed an optimal approach able to substantially reduce ambiguities at legal and financial level. Our lawyers strictly evaluated opportunities and vulnerabilities when deciding to invest in Romanian ecological farming; furthermore, we established clear guidelines regarding the purchase of land process, documents needed for all phases of the business development, future legal duties that a foreign investor has in Romania and all other financial procedures that must be taken into consideration in order to profitably improve the potential of the project. Our team closely examines each business plan to come with valid suggestions, to emphasize any possible alternative and to steadily secure the investment. We are enthusiastically accepting any challenge and explain risks for guaranteeing best possible services.

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