Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Open an IT company in Romania

A continuously developing area in Romanian industry is undoubtedly represented by the IT sector. A set of fluently argued details prove that this investment option comes with numerous benefits and it constantly provides opportunities for revolutionary approaches. Even if being economically unbalanced Romania managed to keep efficient standards for higher education achieving to surpass expectations in this area. As the present IT&C market reveals, specialists in this field are trained in Romania in accordance with the latest technological novelties partly because of their natural enthusiasm regarding scientific evolvement and also due to their capacity of coping with most recent adjustments performed in this field. In order to open an IT company in Romania, there are two important specific aspects to be brought to foreign investors’ attention. One regards the importance of seeking the legal opinion of an authorized person and the other concerns the high-utility of an accountant able to handle all financial intricacies and as well to explain particularities in the Romanian system. The presence of a lawyer will clearly help in establishing the type of company that an investor should choose in order to cover all fundamental business goals. Deliberating between the SA type and the SRL type involves a rather specific approach, which may point out exact characteristics for every kind of company. Given the fact that the IT&C sector offers such a generous perspective for foreign investors, it becomes mandatory to secure all other features describing the business functionalities. Standard procedures followed to open a company in Romania regard several basic phases: reservation and verification of the company name accessibility, opening of a bank account in order to prove financial sustainability, company registration with the Trade Register, registration for VAT and registration of employees’ contracts with the labor authority (Territorial Labor Inspectorate).

Technology investments in Romania - main areas of development

As mentioned from the beginning of this article, the highly skilled IT&C specialists in our country can sustain even the least conventional technological approaches but there are several domains which proved, till the present moment, as highly lucrative perspectives. So if interested to open an IT company in Romania investors should be informed about most popular areas that already possess continuity in this perimeter. According to latest data the highly preferred areas in the IT sector generally regard computer technical support, technical help desk, network technical support, computer electronics, telecommunications, LAN/WLAN communications, network design, ASP.NET, HTML, PHP and web development. Apart from these already typical choices we would like to call attention to some other important qualities of specialists in this area. Most Romanian IT&C specialists are fluent in English and, at least, in another international language. Important to be mentioned it is as well their genuine ability to conduct each project with creativity and self-awareness. Being internationally recognized as highly competitive and capable of adapting to most challenging tasks, experts in this area surely represent the main reason for investing in this field but this is not the singular purpose for taking in account the option of investing in the IT&C domain. That is why our team of lawyers accurately provides a full perspective on technology investments in Romania, explaining circumstantial benefits and possibilities of receiving incentives, always guaranteeing legal assistance during the entire process of company formation.  

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