Monday, January 6, 2014

Start a Construction Company in Romania

This process follows, commonly considered, standard procedures and business approaches involving such an operation shall be appropriately taken into account, from the legal point of view. Under certain circumstances, there are some particular features that may occur or could be understood as adjacent options that must be seen as mandatory details which are to be performed as key bureaucratic actions. As most enterprises in our country, the building companies in Romania may be of two different types: either limited liability companies (SRL) or joint stock (SA) ones. According to specific conditions you may decide together with a lawyer on what type of company suits your investment better. Regular procedures also include establishing the name of the company, number of partners, the registered office address or the main and secondary object of activity. In order to start a construction company in Romania a highly important part is represented by the decision indicating the main and the secondary object of activity. Given the fact that it concerns such a large variety of activities, the building domain is legally approached from a wide range of professional perspectives all naturally related to constructions. The NACE codes (cod CAEN in Romanian) provides different options regulating the technicalities in this area.

Building Companies in Romania – legal technicalities

The F section in the NACE codes lists all possibilities connected to object of activities in the construction field. There are general and more specific alternatives corresponding to civil engineering, construction of buildings or specialized construction activities. The object of activity may regard development of building projects, construction of residential and non-residential buildings, construction of roads, railways, utility projects, other civil engineering projects, demolition and site preparation, building completion, finishing and other more explicit activities common for the building field. Another particular chapter concerning this topic deals with obtaining the necessary permits and licenses. Fiscal matters are also to be regulated in connection with main features describing the type of company and also the legal stipulations of the Romanian law. We are strongly encouraging our clients to previously seek professional advice. An authorized legal opinion is able to point out important steps in the creation process of building companies in Romania. Establishing the statuary documentation such as by-laws or article of association plays a highly important part for an optimal functionality of the company itself. It is necessary to understand the real significance of the intervention of a legal authority. The presence of a lawyer familiar with technicalities related to company formation procedures certainly guarantees a lucrative approach which entirely secures the overall investment. The construction field introduces as well some future legal tasks which deal mostly with due diligence audits which must be conducted in order to evaluate various projects. Apart from the due diligence processes a coherent development of a building company in Romania comes with circumstantial judicial matters relating to the specific object of activity and also to the projects chosen by the company, explaining in this manner the need of an authorized legal opinion. The lawyers at Darie, Manea & Associates may provide the help in order to start a construction company in Romania offering all details and additional information required by the client. 

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